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Preparing for Class

Hi! Ho! It's off to school we go!

Before beginning any Paws N Claws Academy class, it is necessary that your dog be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations and free from both internal and external parasites. Bitches in season should be left home, although the handler can still attend the lessons solo. Also, please consult with a trainer beforehand to determine the best place for you and your pooch to enter our program.

School Supplies:
In order for you and your furry friend to function optimally in class, you will need to bring a few tools.
  1. A bag of high value treats. A class atmosphere is very distracting for most dogs. Unlike at home, your dog is expected to perform in the presence of strange people, strange dogs, and surrounded by all kinds of strange smells. Because the difficultly level is increased so drastically in class, we like to reward them with something a little more special than the everyday dog biscuit. We've found small pieces of chicken, string cheese, hot dogs, or freeze dried liver to be very motivating!

  2. A flat buckle collar, canny collar, gentle leader, or sensible harness. Please do not bring any other sort of training collar unless it has been previously approved by the class instructor.

  3. A four to six foot training lead. Leads can be made of leather, nylon, or chain. Please no extendable leashes!

  4. Your Dog's Favorite chew toy. There will be times in the class where your dog will need to settle down quietly while the instructor is speaking or demonstrating a new technique. To prevent ‘boredom barking,' it is a good idea to have a toy on hand to keep your pooch occupied.

  5. A little piece of home for your dog to lie down on. This can be anything from a household blanket or bath mat to a small portable kennel. As long as it's covered with ‘comforting smells' from your home, it will act as a calm spot for your dog to chill out on. Furthermore, we use these ‘place mats' in order to train specific behaviors.

If a class atmosphere isn't right for you...
Not all dogs thrive in class. Dogs with behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, or aggression may be better served with our private training. This allows for a more personalized and focused approach while working with a dog in a place he feels more comfortable. Then, based on his progress and the handler's confidence and personal goals, he can be moved into a class at a later date. For training to be both positive and effective, it is always best to set our dogs up to succeed.