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PNC Dog & Puppy Training Forums

Training Classes

Paws N Claws Academy offers classes for all ages of dogs. Before enrolling in a class please read over our class prepsheet to make sure you and your dog are ready to attend.

To find out which classes are currently registering, please check our schedule. We offer classes in Streetsboro, Twinsburg, and Alliance.


Puppy Socialization

A critical period of canine development is between 8 and 16 weeks of age. In this time period, training and socialization will have a major impact on your dog's future disposition. Paw N Claws Academy allows you to set your pup up to succeed in life so that he will grow into a well behaved, well socialized dog.

We cover socialization with people and other animals, feeding and housetraining tips, confidence building exercises, problem prevention, and laying the foundation for more sophisticated behaviors. In this fun and social class, we teach you the quickest way to establish a bond with your dog so that the two of you can become an effective training team.

Length: 4 weeks

Dog of All Ages

Beginner's Obedience

Your dog is never too old for training!

This class is for dogs who have not had prior formal training. We cover basic household manners, confidence building exercises, problem solving and prevention, loose leash walking, and we lay the foundation for more sophisticated behaviors. Our goal is to help you establish a rapport with your dog so the two of you can become an effective 'training team.'

Length: 6 weeks

AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Prep

In this class, our goal is to 'proof' your dog against distractions, improve the duration of his existing behaviors, and even work with him at a distance! This class is heavily geared towards people interested in earning thier AKC Canine Good Citizen certification or becoming Therapy dogs.

Length: 5 weeks


Are you lucky enough to have a fast, motivated dog with seemingly endless amounts of energy? Consider getting him involved in agility!

Whether you'd like to eventually compete or are merely looking for a fun and active way to bond with your dog, agility offers your dog mental as well as physical stimulation. Agility also builds confidence in anxious dogs, strengthens the bond between dog and owner and improves overall focus. In this class, your dog will be introduced to agility equipment in a fun, safe, and positive manner. You will also be introduced to new targeting and luring techniques while simultaneously having a blast! All breeds welcome.

Length: 5 weeks


In this class, you will learn and practice Rally basics and have a great time!

Length: 5 weeks

Nosework, Flyball, or Other Speciality Classes

Paws N Claws Academy periodically offers a wide variety of sports and workshops to keep you and your best friend moving and learning. Check our schedule for more information!

Length: Various

Private Training

Ideal for dogs with medical or behavior issues that prevent them from thriving in a class atmosphere, Paws N Claws offers private training.