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Who Are We?

Hollie Gesaman, CPDT developed a passion for animals early in life. As a child, her cat Lucky became the star of the neighborhood when she taught him to 'take a bath' and 'kiss, kiss' on cue. Who says cats can't be trained?

Now, she is a professional member in good standing of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an AKC Canine Good Citizen evalutor, a member of the IAABC, and a member and co-founder of the group Northeast Ohio Positive Dogs Trainers which is an organization dedicated to excellence in dog training and behavior consulting using methods that are safe, humane, effective and backed by the latest scientific research. After launching Paws N Claws Academy, Hollie has gained experience in training dogs, cats, and even rabbits. Her motto is, 'If it has a pulse, it can be trained.' Hollie has also appeared on WKYC's Good Company Today show as a dog expert and performed with her personal dogs at The Great Big Home and Garden Show. She has also titled her personal dogs in the highest levels of obedience, agility, and rally. Her dogs have also been certified as therapy dogs through Therapy Dogs International and regularly visit patients suffering from dementia.

Hollie firmly believes that continuing your personal education in the field is a necessary aspect of professional pet training. Because of this, she successfully earned her Certification for Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT) which required her to pass a comprehensive exam that covers a broad range of canine behavior and psychology. The CPDT is administered by a national independent testing agency and is designed to provide the public with an assurance of a high level of expertise. She also often goes to training related seminars and networks with other trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians in order to keep herself up to date on the latest methods and research. Many local veterinarians recommend her to clients with confidence. She has extensive knowledge of all major training techniques and specializes in rehabilitating dogs who are dealing with aggression, separation anxiety, or acclimenting to new babies in the home. She prefers a positive approach that is tailored to the dog's individual personality and the owner's goals. In addition to training and behavior, Hollie often serves as an expert speaker for veterinarians, rescues, city officials, and other trainers who are looking to further their knowledge in dog behavior and safe handling techniques.

In addition to her well loved pets, Hollie Gesaman shares her home with one patient husband and two beautiful children. It is a requirement that every creature living in her house learn to 'kiss, kiss' on cue.